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PLEASE before you purchase this make Sure you have contacted me so I can know the date and the inspiration for your prom dress. You can reach me through my email : 

- I do NOT replicate other designers. (using a dress as INSPIRATION is fine) 

- The consultation involves me drafting your design and getting you in for measurements. 

-The consultation DOES go towards the final price of your dress. Please note that the consultation is non-refundable

- Prom dresses start at $850 for simple designs and go up

- After you purchase I will contact you be sure to enter your email and phone number. Give me up to 48 hours. 

- Consultations appointments will start and have to be scheduled after Nov 14th. 

- I am located in the D(M)V area, but I am willing to travel, and do calls virtually, and will be in Miami, FL Dec 11-17th. 

- Prom dresses are custom meaning they are made specially for you therefore they are non-refundable nonnegotiable ! (however I am very understanding, and work hard to make sure you are satisfied! I value your money as well as MY TIME

-Thank you for trusting me on your special day! #ForRealTrendsetters